One of the most crucial aspects of pursuing higher education is the selection of the right courses to pursue your preferred field of education and build the foundation of your career.

This process starts way earlier than University. Which field of education or career you want to pursue actually needs to be decided before you appear for your matric or inter exams. And choosing subjects at this tender age is no easy task and is marred with distractions.

Here is a list of subjects, grade-wise, which explains the subjects students can choose to help them move forward.


  • Bio students can opt for any combination in intermediate.
  • Computer science students can opt for any combination other than pre-medical.
  • Commerce aspirants can opt for commerce and arts.
  • Students interested in arts can opt for arts only unless permission is granted otherwise.


  • Pre-medical students can pursue any field
  • Pre-engineering student can pursue any field other than medicine
  • Commerce students can pursue any field related to commerce or arts
  • Arts students can pursue arts.

O level

Subject selection is not restrictive in Cambridge therefore the student must check the relevant universities they want to study at and the courses those institutes require.

Most medical universities require a combination of Biology, chemistry, and physics during both O and A levels.

Most engineering programs require a combination of Chemistry, Physics, and Math during both O and A levels.

Follow these easy guidelines to select the courses that will help land you at the right career spot for you.

Areeba Jabeen

Areeba Jabeen

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