When we talk about parenting we often focus on mother’s taking the majority of the role. Little do we realize that parenting is actually a beautiful balance between both the mother and the father. And that each parent plays a very monumentally influential role in shaping children. Fathers have a different style of parenting than mothers and that significant difference is extremely important in healthy early child development. And not just early years development, the unique parenting style of fathers helps in developing a more rounded and sound and confident personality in adolescents and teenagers.

It is often observed that children cling to their mothers more and hence the stronger bonding and while
that is important. We have to emphasize how developmentally it is important for the children to have a better and
stronger bonding with the father figure in there lives. Building bonds is a gradual process and should be started as early as possible. So it is advisable that both parents divide some roles and activities amongst themselves.

Here are some activities that help in aiding the bonding process between the father and children.

Bedtime stories – Kids love bedtime stories and what better way to have them than to have it with their
fathers. Most kids idolize their father and stories told by their fathers leave a lasting impact on them and
with some beautiful childhood memories. Pick up a book or recount the tales you had heard when you
were young and make it a night time regular activity.

Bedtime Routine – ever noticed how kids listen to their fathers in the first go but give their mothers a tough time . That’s because intrinsically kids are looking for opportunities to spend more and more time with their fathers and they want to appear as obedient offspring. So the next time you want the kids to be rushed to the bed . Take up the task as a father and watch them comply willingly. From brushing teeth, to washing hands and feet to getting into PJs.
The entire routine for them becomes an act of joy because they get to spend fun time with their father.

Practice a hobby – Remember spending time with your father as a young lad in his office or at his garage? Remember how you learnt to pick up tools and acquire necessary basic skills . Well it’s time you practice them as a father and reap long time results.

Play the Sport – Children and Fathers bond the most and the best on sports! Whatever sport you like – share that love with them and watch them grow into robust , healthy and joyful individuals. Dedicate a day of playing your favorite sport by teaching them how to play or give them choice of what they want to play. Watch sport tournaments together on the television and discover the variety of sports and have a healthy discussion on what more can be pursued

Home Chores – we have all heard how children emulate their parents . And that goes for everything. So if you want to raise model individuals for the society of tomorrow. Start with modeling the right behavior. Participate in home chores and make sure your kids help you out too. Whether it’s taking out the garbage or cleaning the dishes. These are home chores that can be done together.

Discussions and Drives – When we were growing up, our father always used to have deep and meaningful discussions with us when we were in the car. Those discussions played their part in manifesting positive ideas and principles within us. So the next time you are our for an errand or a drive , take your kids with you and make sure
to conduct a healthy discussion with them. Talk to them about education , the importance , respect for women, puberty, civil rights and regulations and how to practice them as a good member for the society.

And these suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. To give our fathers an overview of how the gradual bonding process is rewarding for the parent and for the child. Across the many surveys and researches that have been conducted on parenting and the lasting effects it has. It has been noted that grown adults who are successful and confident had a very positive environment while growing up and were enabled with a loving relationship by both parents involved.


Ishroon Nazish

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