About Us

Parwaresh is a parenting and youth support platform that was launched on August 12, 2020. The mission of this community is to facilitate the youth with their future and to empower and guide the parents for the better upbringing of their children.

Our community comprises of young aspiring individuals and their parents who are looking for concrete advice and counselling on multiple fronts. To facilitate them we have a panel of experts such as mental health, career counseling, academic counseling, parenting coaches, early years specialists, pediatricians who are available at all times. These panelists not only counsel the parents and kids but also give them the right direction for their goals.

Our Story

Parwaresh was formed citing key issues around us.We realize that there is a severe lack of conversation around our teens and youth and their issues. We don’t have a unified platform which informs them of their alternative career and educational paths and avenues.

We also realized that our parents and youth have no unified platform to access and seek help from specialists such as career counselors, psychologists, educational facilitators and trainers.

At Parwaresh we intend to create a unified platform which extends along the entire length of Pakistan and connects and empower the important triangle of our teens/youth – our parents and our specialists.

Our intent is to gather the entire Pakistan on to one platform for a unified national discourse on education.